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    The Spiritual Connection with Evolution

    Everything changes; everything evolves. To see how much has changed within your lifetime, look back and reflect.

    Consider that all life evolves. It adapts to environmental changes and technological advances. It also expands in philosophy and wisdom. What is learned cannot be unlearned. What exists today does not revert to yesterday. All Beings advance together. Thus, evolution is the forward movement of all Beings as they adapt to new situations, knowledge, and wisdom.

    Such is true in the Universe of universes. All evolve. Life-forms evolve as they adapt to new and expanding circumstances. What is destroyed does not return to it's origin. As Life-forms move forward in evolution, their needs change. As needs change, they seek equanimity--security, basic needs for survival, and opportunities for growth and expansion. Earth has evolved. Other worlds and universes have evolved. In some instances they are intersecting and interacting. There are similarities, but many differences prevail. All Beings seek to secure basic needs. Some more evolved seek to maintain freedom. Human freedom is at stake on many levels!

    Distractions are preventing Humans from perceiving the truth of evolution. Fear distracts. Desire to preserve youth and health distracts. Amassing wealth distracts. Life's dramas distract. Humans are distracted! Their dreams of youthful pleasures distract from the seriousness of Human dilemma. The desire to be remembered in history, and to gain power and status, distract. Truth is avoided by most, at any cost. Human denial is putting Human freedom in great jeopardy!

    Those not of earth cannot be denied much longer. Humans need to prepare, but not invite. Do not invite interaction as this is inviting situations in which Humanity stands to lose everything!

    Humanity is at a disadvantage when compared to many more advanced races. However, it's power is in it's spiritual capacity. Humans have worshipped many gods, many ways, and followed many beliefs. It is not the beliefs that are important; it is the capacity to develop and follow a spiritual path that contains Humanity's power.

    Love is the Energy which transcends Human “belief-in”. It is this Energy that, if harnessed, expanded, and focused, will be Humanity's salvation. This Love Energy is what is projected. Humans who choose to prepare, can learn how to harness Love Energy to protect, to communicate, and to repel one's enemies. Those who want to destroy Human freedom can be repelled by Human unity, and through amassing Love Energy. Love Energy is not the same as romantic or even sacrificial love. It is a Universal energy that can be drawn in, expanded upon, and then propelled into the world in a focused and powerful way. Love Energy cannot be tolerated by those without capacity, and they will leave.

    Love Energy is not to be confused as soft or gentle. Already your Healers have begun to harness, expand, and focus Love Energy for healing of emotions and bodies. That same Love Energy, multiplied exponentially and used by Humans united, can save Humanity from exploitation and defeat.

    It is for Humans to decide, prepare, and commit to this practice. It is for Humans to unite across Human differences toward the common goal of preserving Human freedom and life.

    The 'Teachers of Love' are high spiritual beings, or Angels, delivering this Preparation for Humanity at this time in Human evolution so that Humans may survive the evolution that is occurring.

    Message from the 'Teachers of Love' through Moriah

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