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    A Message for Humanity

    Humanity is progressing rapidly through the evolution that is occurring. You are noting much change. There have been changes to your environment, to your economy, to your political stability, to your family structures, and to your health. We will explain.

    The evolution that is occurring is not the same as predicted by some calendar, but is, indeed, occurring. It is occurring at a rate previously unknown, yet it is in some ways predictable through its own predictability. You will note that as certain species are found, other species disappear, that animals kept in captivity become more domesticated-- more human-like, if you will. That the temperature changes are causing great disruption in your ecological systems and your weather systems, and indeed, your emergency systems are having much difficulty responding. This, We are to tell you, will increase.

    It is not that you have been bad and this is God's punishment. It is that this is the natural evolution from being in isolation to joining with others from a distance. This distance is not of your world.

    You are still challenged by humans who do not look like you, talk like you, and have cultural differences. You will be challenged to a much higher degree by joining with those who are not of human origin. Indeed, some are among you. These who are among you are more human-like, and have previously joined with some humans and have created hybrids. These hybrids are among you. Some are advanced spiritually. Some are not. Some have premonitions of what is happening: some are here to lead. However, we would warn you that few are here to lead in a way that is purposeful and positive for Humanity. Most are here to lead, to abscond, if you will, with your freedom! You must be most cautious. You must listen or you will find yourselves as second-class citizens to other, non-human, races. You will then become the carriers, the workers, the slaves, and you will be required to pledge your allegiance to those not of human origin. This is the great disruption that you are approaching, and you must prepare.

    You are worried about your elections. You should be, as there are those who have ulterior motives who seek to obtain power for their own purpose. Beware of others' agendas. Note those who truly serve, and those who promise, yet deliver something quite the opposite.

    Beware of those who promise peace and unity, and wealth and beauty and longevity, and all the things of which you dream, because you are most vulnerable to your dreams. While these aspirations may be positive in many cases, they are also your Achilles heel. You want them, and you believe or want to believe, anyone who promises them to you. This makes you a most vulnerable target.

    Peace and unity do not come easily. They do not come by giving up one's own personal power. They come through empowerment. They come by seeking freedom above all. By seeking freedom, one is seeking to become self-empowered, and thus the aggregate is empowerment. This empowerment leads to a true democracy, yet there are no easy steps.

    When you rely upon promises without evidence of previous success, you are being blinded by your own desires. It has been said that the greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. There is some truth to that statement. In other words, it is difficult for humans to change. They have their nature, their desires, their ambitions, and it takes something rather monumental to change that. Therefore, look at the course of a human's life and you will have some idea of where that life is destined to go.

    There are many who predict the end and give a date. There is no exact date that can be accurately predicted. However, the end of human freedom may come by little acts of negligence, by being blind to what one should see and deaf to what one should hear. By not speaking up, by taking the easy road, by forgetting that children learn by watching action rather than listening to words, you could lose your freedom.

    Your children are being prepared. What are you preparing them for? Are you teaching them to take the easy way out? Are you teaching them to follow blindly? Are you allowing them to be lazy when it comes to caring for others? What are you demonstrating as your primary beliefs? These values can only be transmitted to the young through efforts of the adults around them.

    Human freedom is at stake. It is not the challenge for only one nation or for those nations fighting against obvious oppression. It is for all Humanity. The real threat lies from those who seek to take your planet for their own purposes. They have a need for your place in which to live and procreate.

    They will need to adjust to your planet, so you will see more allergies, more intolerances, and less tolerance for human beings. They look like you, but they are not like you. As they arrive, they will appear to look like you, but there will be some obvious differences you can note. Through their evolution their brains have increased in size, their bodies have become more frail, their communication is telepathic, and their focus is pure. They will not care that your lives are disrupted. They will not follow your social rules. They will simply take what they need and, perhaps, leave you with the remainder.

    This is a most challenging time for planet earth as people are sleeping. In their sleep they dream of the world that they desire. They do not necessarily see the world as it is.

    While you are focused on your human differences, your capture and killing of evil, they are focused on you. A curriculum is being prepared for you for preparation. Already there is much in place which you can begin to study and learn. It is here provided for you so that you can recognize and communicate with those who have other agendas. You must be most cautious! We cannot emphasize this enough. You are in danger. Note your feelings at all times. Note how you feel when words others are speaking feel right and when they do not. It is more than lying. It is covering up an agenda by projecting other thoughts to cover up that agenda.

    Therefore, when you are with others, note if you feel uncomfortable, if you feel their words do not ring true, if their actions do not seem to fit their words, if their demeanor feels wrong. Humans have differences, but these differences are even more pronounced if you are alert.

    It is time to wake up. It is time to be alert. It is time not to trust blindly. It is time to be most cautious. It is time to fill yourself with the energies of Love and Peace, and project those energies in the world as they are most powerful. And those energies, if they become powerful enough, will result in denial of those negative agendas brought to your world. In other words, those who come are not able to tolerate the strong energy of Love and Peace, and they will leave.

    Meditate. Be alert. Be cautious. Emanate Love. Teach your children wisely. Do not blithely go through life thinking that freedom will always be free.

    This Message is from the Teachers of Love, for Humanity.