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    The New Message of Love

    The New Message of Love is a compilation of all of of the Messages from the Teachers of Love through a Messenger named Moriah. These Messages are the basis of the evolutionary ministry called New World Empowerment Ministries. Together, they provide a complete Work of Prophesy, Explanation, Preparation, and Delivery.

    Prophesy: The prophesy found in New World Library is the first part of The New Message of Love. Here We (Teachers of Love) provide Moriah the vision of what is occurring in this evolutionary time. This period in earth's evolution is a time when people of earth are preparing for contact and communication with those from other planets. "Those" will include biological life-forms at many developmental levels including intelligent life. Intelligent life has been visiting earth, and has been participating in human life for many centuries. Some of this predates humans as you know them. They are preparing for open contact, as are your people. However, you don't know how to prepare. You cannot preserve human freedom by war. You must learn about energy in all it's forms, as that is how extraterrestrials are more advanced. From their ability to travel throughout space, to their ability to attract and repel others, energy is the important topic which We will explore with you.

    The prophesy in New World Library is human-based. In other words, it is revealing Moriah's human discovery and documenting it's effect on her, and on your world. It has been in progress and published anonymously for many years. It is now time to make it public. You can find New World Library at

    Explanation: Here We (Teachers of Love) provide you with a perspective that is not of the earth. In other words, you can see only a little. Your eyes see only certain light waves. So much that is occurring out of sight is truly out of your light spectrum range. As humans evolve, they will begin to see more. Already your healers can see light emanating from the body. Already, those who are more evolved among you have seen alien visitors. Already your children are being born with extra-human qualities. They are not extra human, but display evolutionary steps being taken in the human race as your race evolves. Some see, feel, hear or know that which is not available to the human race in general. You have developed terms to describe children with some of these features, but much more is occurring, even in your adults. Some have visions. Some see ghostly figures. Some have experiences involving historical accounts that they once experienced in other lifetimes. Some have animal and human visitations of those who have transitioned. Some experience moving between universes. Some can see what is happening in other locations without the use of technology. These are but a few of the "experiences" that humans are noting. These new experiences are occurring at a rapid rate due to the rate of evolution. No other period in human evolution has occurred at this rate, and this rate will only increase. The increase in human evolution, with it's broader and higher vibrations, is wreaking havoc with your bodies. You must learn to expand your capacity for energy, as not to do so will increase your pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. That is why you are seeing new and rapidly evolving illnesses. Autism is the inability to adapt to these changes, and the body's attempt to opt-out of life experiences which are too vivid. Sensitivities to light, sound, touch, and information processing, have some attempting to remove themselves from the human experience. You will need to learn to expand your capacity for additional energy vibrating at different levels.

    Preparation: The Teachers of Love have already begun to assist humanity with adapting to increased energy, communication without words known as telepathy or thought communication, and a method for achieving peace through the Love energy. As you develop your capacity for this Love energy, you will attract or repel other energies. This is for your human protection of mind and body. Those who come are coming with many motives and agendas. Some are looking for a new home as theirs has been destroyed or is about to self-destruct. Some are looking for more riches, and planet earth is rich in bio-diversity. Some are looking to conquer. Some are looking for peace. Most are not of the motive of higher-good for all. A few are. The goal is to link those of earth who have been prepared to initiate and establish contact, with those who come. Therefore, communication cannot depend upon words. It must depend on thought. It must depend on knowing how to shield your thoughts, project your thoughts, and receive thought communication. This is how you will perceive motives and agendas. This is how you will protect your own. This is how you will interact with those who come. This Preparation has been, and continues to be given, through a Messenger named Moriah. You can find this Preparation here, in meetings, Meditations with Moriah, and publishing. Thus there will be many avenues for you to receive this information. However, you must first prepare by becoming students of Our Messages. Some will be delivered in person to those who are prepared. Some will be delivered through the energy of Love through Meditations with Moriah. Some will be heard and viewed through technology. And some will be delivered through more traditional means such as print and electronic publishing. In other words, all are invited to learn through a variety of methods. However, one must first become a student of The New Message of Love. This is different from other works. Do not come to this work feeling like you already know it through other spiritual paths, as this is misguided. This is a True Teaching because it has never been delivered and shared with humans before. Moriah (Sue Shipe, PhD) is a True Teacher as she has been, and continues to be, prepared to deliver this Work, The New Message of Love. Delivery: The New Message of Love has already begun. It can be found through New World Empowerment Ministries, which is a part of the International Institute For Human Empowerment. It is for those more advanced. The Institute provides Preparation at many levels. Some of it is for the masses. Some of it is for those designed to help with the work of empowering All. Some of it is to receive the information and energy simultaneously at a more intense rate. Some of it will be a curiosity to those not yet ready for this intensity. They will be attracted to some of the writings. Those who are being prepared to assist in delivering the Message will work directly with Moriah. When ready, they will take this information as it has been delivered to share with humanity. It is not to be combined with any other spiritual teaching. It is not to be contaminated by personal desire for status and money. It is to be kept pure so that more people will be able to survive the coming evolutionary step of contact and interaction with those from other worlds.

    Summary: Do not be naive to think that this is another teaching to add to one's psychic abilities, demonstrations, and teachings. It is not. It is a singular Work that is not of the psychic level. We are High Teachers, Angels. We deliver this Divine Teaching in order for humanity to protect human freedom during this evolutionary time. It is not to enrich you personally. It is to provide a Way to survive the motives and agendas of those of other worlds who are visiting, and who will increase contact with humans.

    Your people are naive and tribal. They are materialistic and desire to have status. They are sleeping, and in their sleep they believe they are safe and that the institutions they have designed are safe. They are not! Never before has humanity been so challenged. Challenges by other humans are real and not to be minimized. But challenges from those who have no investment in preserving human freedom, who are highly intelligent, who have gone to great lengths to find you, and who are often desperate for their own survival, have never been equaled. You can survive if you follow this Teaching, and if you are true to practicing and sharing it with other humans. If you contaminate the Teaching for your own purposes not only will you perish, but your planet of humans will not be prepared for these evolutionary events. Therefore you must be pure in your motives and actions for this effort to succeed.

    Conclusion: We are the Teachers of Love. We are High Teachers, Angels, who have been prepared to deliver this Message to humanity. It is being given through Moriah, who has been prepared through many lifetimes to receive and deliver it. It is a sacred trust. It will be a sacred trust for you to disseminate this Word. You who become the Disciples have a responsibility to humanity. You who are chosen were not chosen on earth. Instead, you are discovering your calling. If you feel called, We would advise you to follow the call and commit to go where it takes you. If you are not called, but want to help, wait to learn how you can use your talents to assist in the delivery. Thus, many will be called to assist; few will be called to the Ministry. It is so ordained.

    Be pure in thought and motive. Study and learn so that you can assist others in the evolution that is occurring.

    For more information on "The New Message of Love", go to: New World Empowerment Ministries at